Most Sentimental Attractions in the Disney Parks

A couple weeks ago we offered a collaborative post of the Best Website for Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation. It was so much fun gathering members the cast members of the MouseQuest around the virtual table that we decided to do it again. This time we are going to talk about our most sentimental attractions in the Disney Parks. These are the attractions you have to experience EVERY SINGLE TIME you are in the parks. As you will see, they mean something different to each of us for many different reasons such as, family memories, the legacy of Walt Disney, etc. Enjoy!

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Best Websites for Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation

Written by Sue Nowicki

Whenever I plan a Disney vacation I have several go-to websites I visit to do my research every time. This led me to wonder, what are some of the websites my fellow MouseQuesters use when planning their own Disney adventures. So I put a call out to the MouseQuest team and asked them what are the best websites for planning a Walt Disney World vacation.Disney Websites

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Magic Kingdom 24 Hour Event – Best. Day (and Night). Ever!

Written by: Amy Bechtol

Magic Kingdom

On Leap Day 2012, Walt Disney World Resort ran a promotion in which Magic Kingdom Park stayed open for 24 hours straight, giving Guests “One More Disney Day.” It was such a successful event that they have continued the tradition, holding similar all-day, all-night celebrations one day each year. As a full-blown Disney enthusiast, I knew that I needed to experience the magic of one of these unique opportunities. I mentioned the idea of attending a 24 hour party to my mom and we both agreed it was on our ‘must-do’ list. As soon as the announcement was made that this year’s “Coolest Summer Ever” would begin with a 24 hour kick-off celebration, I immediately booked a two night stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Mom and I were so excited to go on our magical adventure and totally up for the challenge of partying in Magic Kingdom all day and night!

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Tips for Touring Magic Kingdom Park in One Day

Written by Amy Bechtol

Magic Kingdom

Adventure, fantasy, the wild frontier; just a few words to describe the lands of the most magical place on Earth. Magic Kingdom Park has so much to discover! Rides, attractions, shows, parades, and fireworks, oh my! With so many choices, having a plan to make the most of your time is the way to go.

My favorite park is Magic Kingdom. My family ends up visiting it multiple times during our vacations. I realize that not everyone has the time to visit multiple days. Today, I am going to share with you some tips to efficiently tour in only one day.

  1. Get there early! It’s best to arrive at the gate about 30-45 minutes before the park is scheduled to open. The wait times at headliner attractions are among the lowest during the first two hours of operation and you’ll get to experience the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show to start your day off with a touch of pixie dust.
  2. Use the My Disney Experience app. This magical little tool gives you access to wait times for attractions, allows you to view and make changes to your FastPass+ selections and time, provides dining locations complete with menus, and so much more. Check it out!
  3. Make your FastPass+ selections for the afternoon hours. Aiming for experience times of 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. work well. This allows time for lunch prior to the first return time and after the prime time morning hours. I always try to make FastPass+ selections for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  4. Visit headliners that you don’t have FastPass+ selections for early. Ride Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Jungle Cruise during the first hour. Lines at these rides build quickly so it’s best to visit them first thing.
  5. Hit the high capacity rides in the second hour. Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world”, and Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid are good options.
  6. Catch the Festival of Fantasy parade at 3:00 p.m. The porch in front of the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is a great viewing spot. A FastPass+ selection for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for 2:30-3:30 is great to use immediately following the parade.
  7. Visit a FastPass+ kiosk as soon as your third FastPass+ selection has been used. Kiosks are currently located near the Diamond Horseshoe and Jungle Cruise in Adventureland, near Mickey’s Philharmagic in Fantasyland, and near Stitch’s Great Escape in Tomorrowland. You can get a 4th FastPass+ selection once the initial three are used. The same goes for a 5th, 6th, and so on. These additional FastPass+ selections are great to use for meeting characters like Mickey Mouse and TinkerBell at Town Square Theater.
  8. Spend the afternoon hours inside in the air conditioning. Attractions like Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, The Hall of Presidents, Country Bear Jamboree, and Pirates of the Caribbean are all great options to get out of the sun and relax for a while.
  9. Enjoy the evening entertainment. Finding a comfortable spot and viewing the three nighttime shows is a great way to slow down and relax. Main Street Electrical Parade, Celebrate the Magic castle projection show, and Wishes nighttime spectacular fireworks display are sure to end your evening with a bang!

Experiencing Magic Kingdom Park is a must do on every Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Being prepared, pacing yourself, and packing your patience will help you soar through the park like Peter Pan. Following these tips will help make your visit practically perfect in every way!

Amy is a wife and mom of four kids, who loves all things Disney. She is a regular on the weekly episodes of the MouseQuest Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @uccats97.

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Expedition Everest Challenge 2015: The Final Race

Written by: Amy Bechtol

Expedition Everest

After months of preparation, I finally did it. I ran, hurdled, crawled, hopped and walked through rough terrain, conquered the Yeti, and reached the summit of Everest. Expedition Everest, that is!

When I heard that the Expedition Everest Challenge would be ending in 2015, I knew this was my last opportunity to participate in this very unique runDisney event. I set a reminder on my phone for noon the day registration opened and I was so glad I did. The race sold out faster than you could say “Yeti”! My husband and I were registered as a co-ed team and ready to conquer Everest! I knew a little bit about the event; a 5k race with obstacles through Animal Kingdom followed by a scavenger hunt and topped with an exclusive after party. I was careful not to read up on it too much though. I wanted to have some element of surprise.

Fast forward to the end of April and our adults only Expedition Everest Challenge weekend was upon us. We were super excited despite the lack of build up via social media from runDisney. Considering this was the final run, I was anticipating a lot of hype. Unfortunately, the Yeti was overshadowed by Tinker Bell as her race was being held the following weekend at Disneyland. Even the expo was thrown to the wayside. It was more of a packet pick-up with New Balance and Fit2Run tents out in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom. Bummer.

Expedition EverestSaturday, May 2, 2015 was race day. Because the Expedition Everest Challenge is held at night with a 10pm start, we spent the day park hopping, in the pool, and basically not resting at all before the race. After all, we were Disney Bounding our race gear as Dory and Nemo so we thought a fun approach to the day would be to “just keep swimming”. We grabbed a quick pizza for dinner and walked from Art of Animation to Pop Century, one of the host resorts, to hop on a bus to Animal Kingdom. We arrived at the Animal Kingdom parking lot around 8pm. It wasn’t busy at all. We checked our bags without any wait and headed toward the pre-race festivities. There were several sets for photo opportunities including an airplane near a hangar, a wintery scene with a polar bear, a base camp, and a digital screen with Mount Everest that could be signed. The magic of Disney even provided gentle snow flurries to complete the setting. An emcee helped get everyone excited and warmed up with a fun mix of dance party music. I was grateful for the warm-up as the temperature was in the upper 60s with a breeze making it a bit chilly. The time finally came to move in to our corrals and get the final Expedition Everest Challenge underway.

Bursts of smoke signaled runners in each corral to begin their trek. It wasn’t long before corral D was up and we were on our way. The first mile was mostly the parking lot and quite boring. Luckily we were at our first obstacle, hurdling over bales of hay, pretty quickly. Just after the hay we entered Animal Kingdom and soon came to mile 2. Running through the park was a breeze! It reminded me of the old days when I used to run around the park to grab FASTPASSes for our family. Can I just say how much I love My Disney Experience and the new FastPass+? Anyway, there were a few character greets and some really neat inflatable fangs that were glowing a bluish color along the way. Next we were backstage, behind Expedition Everest and facing the second obstacle, an army crawl under a cargo net. It wasn’t difficult but it was harder than I thought. I really had to get low to fit underneath the net. My hubby skipped this one as his knee was hurting and it didn’t seem like a good idea. A few minutes later we began the third mile. It was quite boring with only a few random props sprinkled along the course. The final obstacle was running through tires. My husband, and every other runner, flew through them. My inner football star took charge and I attempted to quickstep through each tire like it was my job. Ha! I totally fell flat on my face. Thank goodness tires are made of rubber and I didn’t break anything. I bounced and looked like a complete klutz. Oh well. Just keep swimming, right? The finish line for the 5k wasn’t far off. We made it there before all of the corrals had even been released, which surprised me. A voluntEAR handed me clue #1 and a keychain with a flashlight and mini Sharpie on it. The first clue was tough. We spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how many times at least 3 digits in a row will be the same on an analog watch in a 24 hour period. We got the obvious times 12:22, 1:11, 2:22, etc. right off the bat. The 11 o’clock times threw us off, but eventually we got the correct answer of 34 and were handed clue #2. This clue was a major mess up on the part of the writer and editor of the clues. There were not one, not two, but three mistakes on this clue card! It was a decoder wheel that would spell out a word when deciphered correctly. That was impossible. We felt really dumb because we just didn’t know what the word ‘carabinai’ was. Either we didn’t speak that language or we couldn’t count to 8. We finally asked a voluntEAR what in the world we were doing wrong. Turns out everyone was stumped because the word we were trying to decode was ‘carabineer’ but could not be solved due to the errors. On to clue #3 which we got in less than 30 seconds. It was almost too easy. The word ‘mountaineer’ was scrambled and divided in to groups of 3 letters which we had to unscramble. Done. Clue #4, again, too easy. This was one of those play on words/letters that you have to say all together in order to get the answer. Think Mad Gab. We got the answer, elevation, in less than a minute and were handed the final clue, #5. This was a word search and the words we needed to find were the answers to the previous clues. Each word had to be found multiple times and the remaining letters in the word search spelled out a message: “Go find the hidden Yeti on a clue card and hold it up at the finish.” My husband found the hidden Yeti on the front of clue #2 and off we ran.

Expedition EverestWith clue #2 held high, we crossed the finish line for the second time that night. We couldn’t believe it was over that quickly! Not that we were fast by any stretch, just that we were having so much fun. We got our golden compass finisher’s medals and post-race snacks, retrieved our checked bags, and entered Animal Kingdom for the third time. The 5k combined with the race for the clues turned in to about 6 miles by the time we made it to the after party! Being in Animal Kingdom at night was breathtaking. Seeing the Tree of Life and Expedition Everest lit up was just beautiful and a rare opportunity. We took our time wandering through the park and stopped for a few pictures. Of course the first thing we did was took the obligatory ride on Expedition Everest. This coaster in the dark is a completely different experience and so much fun! Next up was Kali River Rapids. We don’t typically ride Kali because we don’t like tromping through the park soaking wet, but I planned ahead. We stuffed our bags with a change of clothes into a locker, put on flip flops, and climbed aboard the raft. I mentioned the night was cool and breezy. Well, that water might as well have been a bucket of ice water and of course, it was dumped entirely over our heads. Instant shivers. I couldn’t have been more grateful to have dry clothes to change in to! By the time we got to DinoLand U.S.A. we were exhausted as it was already 1:30am. We lingered near the dance party and enjoyed a few treats before wrapping up the night with a ride on DINOSAUR. The party concluded at 2am and it was time to hike back to the bus.

Expedition Everest

We did it! We ran, we solved clues, we conquered Everest! What a fun night! Even though this was our first experience with the Expedition Everest Challenge, we were sad to see it end. Sure, there was a huge error in the clues and the race was basically ignored by social media, but overall it was an incredible time. Such a unique race deserves to be continued. I certainly hope runDisney decides to add another race with obstacles and puzzles to the line-up. Until then I’m going to practice my tire running skills, just in case!


Amy is a wife and mom of 4 kids, who loves all things Disney. She is a regular on the weekly episodes of the MouseQuest Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @uccats97.

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Friday the 13th Villains #DisneySide @Home Celebration

Written by Amy Bechtol, Our Ghost Host

***I received free products to promote the #DisneySide campaign. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.***

“Congratulations! You’ve been selected to host a Villains #DisneySide @Home Celebration for tweens!” What a magical email to receive! Spreading Disney pixie dust is one of my favorite things to do. After being notified that I was selected to be a party hostess, I was sent a huge box full of goodies to help throw my party. My box included a full size box of All Mighty Pacs, samples of Wisk and Snuggle, a Duff Tie-Dye Premium Cake Mix, Wilton sprinkles, Kellogg’s Disney Fairies fruit snacks, two boxes of Twinings Herbal Tea, a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake pan, My Image Bracelet Maker, a free sample and coupons for Beyond Beef, HP photo paper, six bottles of nail polish, Princessa nail files, two Disney Villains puzzles, Disney luggage tags, a Disney vacation planning dvd and movie pins for the live action Cinderella film. There were also lots of villains themed decorations, a table cloth, plates, napkins, cups, directions for Disney inspired nail art, Disney bingo, Disney trivia, pin the smile on Mickey, Disney character word searches and a Disney quote and attraction match up game. I was given a hostess kit with ideas on how to use my goodies, recipes and various instructions. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! I felt like I hit the Disney party lottery!

Considering the fact that I was to invite a minimum of 10 tweens, I quickly decided to find a location outside of my home to host my party. You see, I am not a foolish mortal after all! I contacted my local civic center and was able to book a room for FREE! I chose to hold my villains party on the most appropriate day I could think of in February, Friday the 13th. Only two of my kids are officially tweens so I decided to broaden my age range to include my youngest daughter who is 7. I ultimately invited 11 kids to the party in addition to 3 of my own. All 14 kids were able to attend and of them, only 2 had never visited the Walt Disney World Resort. The age range of the kids was 7-13 and to my surprise, they were easy to please.

My party planning took about a week to do. I made several trips to Dollar Tree and Target collecting Disney themed prizes for the games. I made use of the Disneyland 60th anniversary diamond paper crafts that were in my party kit and stuffed them with the Kellogg’s fruit snacks and other small candies for each kid. I ended up making each family an additional goody bag consisting of a Disney luggage tag, nail file and a photo copy of the directions for Disney inspired designs, a package of HP photo paper, a Cinderella pin and Mickey shaped pretzels. I was also able to provide each family with a full size product from one of my favorite companies, frogg toggs. I have been using Chilly Pads while traveling to Disney in the hot summer months for years. Check them out online at Thanks to frogg toggs for their generous donation!

The kids had a blast playing games including a cup stacking relay race, a “guess which villain am I” game, match the villain to their movie, Disney bingo, pin the smile on Mickey, Disney trivia, and match the Disney quote to the attraction. To my surprise, their favorite game was the Disney word search! They loved it! They also enjoyed our light snack of popcorn, Mickey tie-dye cake and Ghoul-aid juice pouches. I loved engaging the kids in talking about all things Disney and how to show your Disney Side daily. Perhaps the best part of the party was a compliment I received at the end of the evening from one of the guests. She told me two hours wasn’t long enough because she had so much fun that it only felt like 15 minutes. Priceless!

Spreading Disney magic is so much fun! Enjoy a look at some pictures from my sinister soiree!

Friday The 13th #DisneySide @Home Celebration Flipagram

If you’d like to join in the fun, visit for inspiration on how to host your own Disney Side celebration!

Amy is a wife and mom of 4 kids, who loves all things Disney. She is a regular on the weekly episodes of the MouseQuest Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @uccats97.

A Ten Mile Run Through the Twilight Zone

Written by Amy Bechtol

If you are reading this blog post, you probably love Disney. I certainly do! In fact, I love Disney so much, I’m actually willing to spend countless hours running and training just for another excuse to visit Walt Disney World. In 2013, I ran the 5th anniversary Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was such an amazing experience! I knew I needed to try more runDisney races.
That’s right, my love for Disney inspired me to run another runDisney race, but which one? While I have taken countless trips to Disney, I’ve never been able to visit in the fall. October brings many special events to Walt Disney World: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ten-Miler (ToT). I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try some new experiences and run another race!

 I convinced my husband and dad to take the plunge and run their first official races at Disney. I kept telling them how much fun they would have and what to expect. They had no idea what they were getting in to and they were impressed with what they experienced! My husband, ¾ of my kids (the oldest is away at OSU), my parents and I traveled to Walt Disney World to set off on our latest adventure.

 The 3rd annual Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ten-Miler was held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. I was actually very nervous about running 10 miles despite already running a half marathon. Mostly because the Princess half was held in nice, cool February and the Tower of Terror is held in hot, humid October. My training for the ToT was completely different than it was for the Princess. I spent 19 weeks following the Jeff Galloway training program, in the heat of the summer, to be as prepared as possible. It was so hard to push through those long, hot runs, but with a trip to Disney as my motivation, I did what I had to do. To my surprise, and delight, the weather at race time was absolutely perfect. Even though there were emailed warnings of expected torrential downpours, there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The temperature at race time was in the low 70s which was about as good as it gets.

 10-28-14 Swag BagPart of the fun of running Disney is dressing up. The Tower of Terror 10-Miler is a villain-themed race but we decided to go with Toy Story costumes. I was Jessie, my husband was Buzz Lightyear and my dad was Woody. We were so cute! We took the bus from Port Orleans Riverside to the parking lot of Hollywood Studios. After leaving our bags at bag check, taking a few pictures and a last minute bathroom break, we sat down and just enjoyed people watching. I loved everyone’s costumes! There was a dance party going on with lots of upbeat music, but we decided to conserve our energy. After all, we had already spent the entire day at Animal Kingdom and we needed a breather.

 We decided to move in to our corrals at about 9pm. I had submitted my time from the Princess and was assigned to corral E. I didn’t want to run without my hubby and dad, so I dropped back to corral G with them. It wasn’t long before we began the hike to the starting line. At exactly 10pm the first wave of fireworks were launched and the race was on. About ten minutes later it was our turn. Corral G fireworks exploded and we were off, careful to avoid the speed bumps just steps into the race, as we were reminded no less than twenty times! We immediately were transported into The Twilight Zone!

10-28-14 Characters2Ten miles goes by so fast when you are surrounded by on-course entertainment. There were all kinds of things to distract our minds. Villains, including Jafar, the Queen of Hearts, the hyenas from The Lion King, Captain Hook, Dr. Facillier, Jack Skellington and Sally were positioned at each mile. We only stopped for a picture with Jack and Sally, but I did get pictures of total strangers with each character. The grave diggers and zombies were amazing and I regret not waiting line for those photo ops.

10-28-14 SkeletonsMy husband’s favorite part was running around the warning track of the baseball field at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. There was even a team of skeletons, complete with baseball gloves, in their positions on the field. I thought the trail run portion through the woods was awesome. Spiders, bugs and other creatures dangled from the moss covered trees, spooky music was playing, and a perfectly timed near-full moon shone down from above and cast eerie shadows through the fog. Wow!
10-28-14 HadesMy dad got a kick out of Hades. He was positioned above the race course at the entrance to Hollywood Studios. Along with giant fireballs blasting into the air, Hades hurled wisecrack insults at runners as they passed under him. “Hey, you. You’re number 5,796. You didn’t win.” “Don’t you know this is a race? Start running!” He was quite an entertainer!

Unfortunately, I suffered a knee injury at mile 8 which slowed us down immensely. Darn exit ramps and their slanted inclines and declines! It was all I could do to push through the pain and tough out the last two miles. My husband and dad were great supporters and stuck with me, even though I had to walk a lot. The last mile seemed to stretch forever. Thank goodness we got to run on the Backlot and through Lights, Motors, Action to keep our minds occupied. Lots of cheerleaders lined Hollywood Studios, clapping and encouraging us to keep going. Finally, we reached the finish line, heard our names announced and received our hard earned medals!

After trekking what seemed like another ten miles, we reached the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular stage to claim our bags. We then dragged ourselves over to the changing area and got in to our post-race clothes. We finally got to sit down at a table and chow on our yummy box of snacks that we were given at the end of the race. We were all pretty hungry and tired. Even though we were exhausted, I told my hubby and dad we had to ride at least a few rides before calling it a night. This was the Villain’s Hollywood Bash, after all! Our first stop was at Toy Story Midway Mania. The posted wait time was 50 minutes but it only took us about 20 minutes total. The night wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the namesake of the race, The Tower of Terror! My dad decided he’d had enough and kept our bags while my husband and I got in line. To my surprise, the wait time was posted at 10 minutes and the actual wait was less than that. Riding the Tower of Terror while sporting our super cute glow in the dark Hollywood Tower Hotel medals put a smile on my face. I felt so proud, excited and lucky to be in that very moment after planning for eight months and training for four of them.

10-28-14 Medal

I already knew how magical a runDisney event was. My husband and dad quickly understood what I had been telling them. They both agreed the Tower of Terror Ten-Miler exceeded their expectations. Perhaps the only thing better than receiving my medal was hearing my hubby and dad tell me they want to come back and run Disney again. Mission, accomplished!

Amy is a wife and mom of 4 kids, who loves all things Disney. She is a regular on the weekly episodes of the MouseQuest Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @uccats97.

Running Disney: Packing Tips and Ideas

– Written By Amy Bechtol

This post contains affiliate links. That mean if you buy one of the recommended products the MouseQuest get a small commission to help defray our costs.

When I think about participating in a runDisney race, I can’t help but get excited! The entertainment, the scenery, the characters, what could be more fun than racing through Disney parks? Crossing the finish line and getting that well deserved medal is exhilarating! So much hard work, perseverance and dedication goes in to achieving such a big goal. Although, getting there requires a little bit more than lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement. In addition to a training plan, a packing plan is also needed to ensure a successful race day. Preparing for a runDisney race may seem like a no-brainer. For the most part, running really only requires a good pair of shoes and some disciplined training. However, there are several other items you may need to get you to the finish line. Here are some packing tips and ideas to help you make the most of your runDisney event.

  1. Pack a carry-on bag: Many people travel by plane to Walt Disney World. If you are flying, it is imperative that you pack your running essentials in your carry-on bag. It is a huge inconvenience to have an airline lose your luggage. It’s worse if all of your broken-in race day gear is in your checked bag. This is entirely avoidable by keeping those items with you. The fact that running gear is very compact makes this a simple task.

My favorite carry-on, the Weekender, by Vera Bradley

Carry-on Bag

  1. Be prepared for the Expo: Packet pick-up for a runDisney race is held at the race Expo. A signed race waiver is required to receive a bib. I like to print my waiver from home and bring it already completed to the Expo. Time saved in line equals more time for shopping, which reminds me of another tip: bring extra spending money for the Expo! There are always lots of vendors with various running related merchandise. My favorite booth is the runDisney one! They have exclusive items for each race including t-shirts, pins, magnets, shoes and much more. Quantities are limited so go early!

Expo exclusive replica medal pin, so cute!


  1. Go hands free: Wear a running pouch to keep everything in place. There are a variety of options available depending on what suits your needs. I use a very basic belt that is just a small, stretchy pouch. I put my phone, ID and energy gels inside. It also has toggles to fasten my bib to it, eliminating the need to pin it to my shirt. Make sure you wear your belt during training for maximum comfort.

My Spibelt. You really can fit a lot inside!


  1. Wear the right gear: Whether you are running a 5k or a full marathon, having broken-in running gear is a must. Race day is not the time to try out anything new! Make sure your shoes, socks, underclothing and outfit are all items you have been training in for at least a month. I love to rock my Disney side during a race! I actually wear my costume on several test runs prior to the race, even though I look a bit Goofy! This gives me time to make necessary adjustments if anything causes discomfort. I cannot tell you how many tutus I’ve seen that were abandoned by uncomfortable runners lining the race course. Finish your race in style by starting in comfort!
  2. Take lots of pictures: The fabulous entertainment provided during a runDisney race is what makes them stand out from other races. Don’t miss out on the great photo opportunities by forgetting your camera! Almost all smart phones are equipped with cameras that are easy to use and take great pictures. If you don’t have a smart phone, just bring along a pocket sized point and shoot camera. Either one should fit easily in your running belt.
  3. Utilize bag check: Some additional gear I need includes an anti-chaffing stick, sunscreen, a GPS watch, a water bottle, energy gels or chews, sunglasses, and hat or visor. Sometimes I even want a change of clothes and shoes for after the race. Bag check is great place for all of these extras! I leave any items that I don’t want to carry with me during the race at the bag check. For added convenience, there are first aid and water stations located throughout the race course. You will find Tylenol, Vaseline, Bio Freeze, band aids, water and Powerade available as needed. No need to bring any of that along.

Drawstring bag issued for use at bag check


So there you have it! These are the tips I have found most useful during my runDisney races. Combining a good training program with an organized packing strategy will result in a magical race experience. But when the inevitable time comes to pack for home, I always leave my race medal out of the luggage. I want to show off my achievement for all to see! Wear that fabulous piece of bling around your neck with pride! You earned it, you ran Disney!

runDisney Packing Tips