Mickey Mouse Snickerdoodles

Mickey Mouse SnickerdoodlesSnickerdoodles are a staple of the holiday season in our house. This is partly because cinnamon is such a perfect holiday flavor and partly because making cookies is a time-honored holiday tradition. But why not kick it up a notch with Mickey Mouse Snickerdoodles?! Because, let’s be honest, everything worth making is worth making Mickey-shaped. Am I right??

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Stuffed Chicken Breast

Would you like to have a gourmet meal without the gourmet price or effort? If so, this stuffed chicken breast recipe is perfect for you. The great thing about this recipe is there are two ways prepare it. On the night I prepared this we had an uncharacteristic off night so I decided to bake it in the oven. However, for those busy nights this can also be prepared in a crockpot.

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Easy Chicken Stroganoff

Starting today we will be posting a new recipe every other Friday. It’s our mission to post recipes which hit the Big 3: easy, healthy and inexpensive. While we won’t hit all three all the time, we will do our best.

Bon Appetit!

Are you looking for an easy-to-make weekday recipe which won’t break the budget? Check out this recipe for Easy Chicken Stroganoff which is not only inexpensive but good for you. This is one of those fabulous recipes which can be prepared on a night when you have a late volleyball game or committee meeting and goes to show you it is possible to eat healthy when you live a busy lifestyle.

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