Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After

Beyond the Castle

A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering your Happily Ever After told through the observant eyes of Jody Jean Dreyer. Dreyer, a 30-year employee of The Walt Disney Company, held 22 positions during her extraordinary career. These positions ranged from parade performer all the way to Walt Disney World ambassador and Director of Corporate Synergy with so many diverse stops in between. During her tenure, she had the opportunity to have a front row seat to the inner workings of Disney and possesses the amazing capacity to relate her experiences to the lives and businesses of her readers. Continue reading “Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After”

Marvel Movie Marathon – The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Week 3 – September 11, 2017


The Incredible Hulk begins an internal three movie mini-series (The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and Thor) which all take place within seven days of each other. This movie focuses on the story of Bruce Banner who was genetically engineered to be an anger-induced, super soldier.

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Marvel Movie Marathon – Iron Man

WEEK 2 – September 5, 2017

Iron Man (2008)

Can any movie go wrong when it starts with a blaring AC/DC song? I think not. This is the first real movie in the Avengers series and introduces us to the larger than life character of Tony Stark/Iron Man. After being held hostage, billionaire engineer Stark creates a technologically advanced suit of armor to escape his captors and fight against the evils of the world.

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Marvel Movie Marathon – Captain America: The First Avenger

Are you ready?!?! I am so excited to get the show on the road with our Marvel Movie Marathon. We are going to start our cinematic journey with Captain America: The First Avenger. I know. I know. It seems weird to put Captain America’s first movie first on our viewing list since it is really the fourth movie in the modern day Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this movie is almost entirely a flashback to World War II where we find out how Steve Rogers actually became Captain America.

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20 Disney Quotes for My College Daughter

On Monday, I told you we took our one and only child to college. Needless to say, it is a difficult transition… for us. For her on the other hand, it is a new beginning… the next chapter of her young life… a chance to reinvent herself… find the best in herself… to put to use all the things she has learned thus far… take another step towards her lofty goals in life.

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Marvel Movie Marathon

Yesterday, we dropped our daughter, and only child, off at college. Before you ask, yes *sighs wiping a tear away*, we have heard every question related to her leaving for school:

  • Are you going to miss her? YA THINK?!?! She’s our baby girl.
  • What are you going to do with your time? I don’t know, crawling into a corner and crying seems like a legitimate use of my time. However, I am pretty sure my boss would frown upon that activity in front of customers.
  • Are we going to miss watching her play sports? Umm… YES! We have spent the last six years traveling the country with her team who are like a second family.
  • You are going to have to re-learn how to cook dinner. Why can’t we cook like normal and eat leftovers for 5 days? That will save us a ton of money in groceries… which I can use to purchase Kleenex in case I decide the corner looks appealing.

We have spent a large percentage of the last 18 ½ years making sure we were raising the most amazing human being possible who we hope will become a valuable member of society. Now we find ourselves with a lot of fill that time. Therefore, we have decided that mind numbing entertainment such as books, music, movies, etc. are just the tickets. Then the thought came to me. What if we watched the entire modern Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in order? That’s like 40 hours, right? Add that to the 40 hours we are at work each week and that will definitely take my mind off things. Then I thought, why don’t I involve all my MouseQuest friends? Surely, we could all use some fun escapism.

Then a plan emerged. Starting next week, we will post one movie per week on #MovieMonday. During that week view the movie-of-the-week. As part of the fun, we will include some fun trivia, discussion topics and accompanying viewing. When you have finished watching the movie of the week let us know your thoughts about the movie or answer the discussion question on Facebook or Twitter using the hastag #MarvelMovieMarathon.

So get ready, grab your popcorn and join the ride! See you next week with our first movie!

Sue Nowicki is an alumna of the 2014/15 Disney Parks Moms Panel. She used to split her time between planning her next Walt Disney World vacation and being team mom to ten high-energy volleyball players where she fills the roles of secretary, navigator, head cheerleader, treasurer, athletic trainer and team psychologist. Now she is contemplating the use of her time as an empty nester. You can follow her on Twitter @MQPodcast.

Marvel Movie Marathon

Top 4 Panels to Follow at the 2017 D23 Expo

For the uninitiated, the D23 Expo is a fan/media event which takes place bi-annually at Disneyland. Think of it as Comic-Con for Disney freaks. The event is a launching point for most of The Walt Disney Company’s initiatives, both in the parks and in their entertainment sectors, for the next two years. The D23 Expo in 2015 was full of incredible jaw dropping announcements such as the construction Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, the switch of the Soarin’ ride film from only California scenery to iconic locations around the world and the detailed slate of Disney live and animated movies.

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