50+ Disney Planning Tools From The MouseQuest

Since this wild cast of characters came together in late 2012 to create the MouseQuest we have imparted lots of great information on planning practically perfect Disney vacations. So to help everyone starting their 2018 vacation planning here is a listing of the best 50+ Disney planning tools from the MouseQuest which we have posted over the last four years.

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Marvel Movie Marathon – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (2017)

Week 15 – December 4, 2017


Peter Quill/Starlord is grappling with his parentage while on run from the Sovereign who had hired the Guardians to protect some precious batteries. However, Rocket decides to steal the batteries. As always, this movie moves us through the plot with a fantastic, eclectic mix of 70s and 80s songs.
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Marvel Movie Marathon – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (2016)

Week 14 – November 27, 2017


Dr. Stephen Strange is a brilliant surgeon. However, while driving he is seriously injured rendering his hands unusable. Since his life’s work is dependent on his hand, he falls into despair. Research on his injury leads him to a guru who can possibly heal not only his hands but his heart.

Accompanying Viewing

TV MCU: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
TV MCU: Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2
TV MCU: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Season 4, Second Half

Viewing Locations*

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Amazon also offers a box set of all three Iron Man movies.
Disney Movies Anywhere
*These viewing locations are only good for the date of publication. DVD and streaming options change constantly.

Discussion Question

Like The Incredible Hulk, this movie seemed to have a different feel than the rest of the Marvel movies. What did you think of the mystical aspects of the movie as opposed to the scientific? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the hastag #MarvelMovieMarathon.

Marvel Fun Fact

The full name of Dr. Strange is Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange. This is because Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the creators of Dr. Strange, modeled the appearance after the actor Vincent Price.

If you want to go back to the beginning of our marathon or jump forward, here is the marathon timeline:

Week 1 – Captain America – The First Avenger
Week 2 – Iron Man
Week 3 – The Incredible Hulk
Week 4 – Iron Man 2
Week 5 – Thor
Week 6 – Marvel’s The Avengers
Week 7 – Iron Man 3
Week 8 – Thor: The Dark World
Week 9 – Captain America: Winter Soldier
Week 10 – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1
Week 11 – Avengers: Age of Ultron
Week 12 – Ant Man (2005)
Week 13 – Captain America: Civil War
Week 14 – Doctor Strange
Week 15 – Spider-Man: Homecoming
Week 16 – Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Week 17 – Thor: Ragnarok

Sue Nowicki is an alumna of the 2014/15 Disney Parks Moms Panel. She splits her time between planning her next Walt Disney World vacation and being team mom to ten high-energy volleyball players where she fills the roles of secretary, navigator, head cheerleader, treasurer, athletic trainer and team psychologist. You can follow her on Twitter @MQPodcast.

Marvel Movie Marathon Doctor Strange

Marvel Movie Marathon – Ant-Man

Ant Man (2015)

Week 12 – October 13, 2017


Taking place several months after Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man is the story of a Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd, an ex-con who is trained by Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to shrink in size using a special suit. Land and Pym seek to present “The Yellowjacket” from using the same technology for evil.

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It’s My Birthday!! Celebrating at Walt Disney World!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Me!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It’s my birthday and I can’t think of a more magical place on Earth to celebrate than at Walt Disney World. From dawn to dusk I can immerse myself in pixie dust as my family, friends and I commemorate the day of my birth!! Here is my dream birthday at Walt Disney World.

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Marvel Movie Marathon – Avengers Age of Ultron

Week 11 – November 6, 2017


Thinking he is doing what is best, Tony Stark activate a peacemaking program that goes awry and becomes violent causing the Avengers to save the world from an extinction level event. As usual, the Avengers battle their enemies with a high level of science-enhanced abilities and comedic relief. Continue reading “Marvel Movie Marathon – Avengers Age of Ultron”

Celebrating the Holidays at Walt Disney World – 2017

It’s no secret that I love to celebrate the holidays at Walt Disney World. It’s my favorite time of year to visit. From the incredible decorations to the holiday events, you can’t go wrong visiting this time of year. One of the best parts of the season is the low crowds. This has two caveats, however, the week of Thanksgiving and the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s. Those two weeks are crazy busy and my advice is to avoid at all cost.

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Things I Learned at Disney – October 2017

I just spent a long weekend at the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’. Some may think that for as many times as I have been to Disney surely I couldn’t experience anything new. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time we go to Disney we always experience new things and learn new tips and tricks. Here are the things I learned on this trip to Walt Disney World: Continue reading “Things I Learned at Disney – October 2017”