A Minimalist’s Disney Park Bag

Have you seen the blog posts about what to put in your theme park day bag? Some of these posts just make me cringe when I think about what it would be like to carry a park bag with the “Top 50 Things You MUST Have in Your Disney Bag”. OK, I might be exaggerating a little. But still, can you imagine carrying a park bag that big on Splash Mountain or Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which has little to no room between your legs?

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Top 4 Panels to Follow at the 2017 D23 Expo

For the uninitiated, the D23 Expo is a fan/media event which takes place bi-annually at Disneyland. Think of it as Comic-Con for Disney freaks. The event is a launching point for most of The Walt Disney Company’s initiatives, both in the parks and in their entertainment sectors, for the next two years. The D23 Expo in 2015 was full of incredible jaw dropping announcements such as the construction Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, the switch of the Soarin’ ride film from only California scenery to iconic locations around the world and the detailed slate of Disney live and animated movies.

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QUIZ: Which Type of Disney Resort Hotel Should You Stay at?

Choosing a resort hotel when staying at Walt Disney World will not only be one of the biggest parts of your vacation budget, it will also be one of the biggest make-or-break parts of your vacation. We all know that if your resort accommodations don’t meet your expectations then it can ruin your whole vacation.

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Does Magic Kingdom Park Need A New Mountain?

Several years ago rumors were floating around that Disney was bringing a new ‘mountain’ attraction to Magic Kingdom Park. The rumors stated this new mountain would be called Fire Mountain and would be a flying coaster where riders journey through a volcano. In recent days this rumor has resurfaced but this time it is being linked to a possible Moana theme giving it a little more traction. The reports say the mountain may sit in the location currently taken by the Swiss Family Treehouse near the entrance of Adventureland.

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6 Ways to Kill Time at Magic Kingdom Park

In a previous blog post we gave you seven ways to kill time when you are waiting for your Disney vacation to arrive. However, there are plenty of times while you are at Walt Disney World, especially Magic Kingdom Park, when you will find yourself with some extra time to kill. Maybe you have 30 minutes before an Advanced Dining Reservation or your next FastPass+ selection or maybe you are even waiting to line up for a parade or nighttime spectacular yet you don’t have time to wait in a 60-minute attraction queue.

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Free Dining Returning to Walt Disney World

Every spring Disney fandom waits ever so impatiently for the announcement of the fall free dining promotion. This wildly popular offer has become a mainstay in the fall and while it has changed over the years it can still be a cost savings… if used correctly. This year’s plan did include some minor tweaks such as Moderate resort hotels now getting the quick-service dining plan as opposed to previous year’s when they receive the regular dining plan.

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5 Disney Princesses Your Teenage Daughter Can Look Up To

As the mom of an 18-year-old daughter I am pretty sick of people saying Disney princesses aren’t good role models for today’s young ladies. I couldn’t disagree more. Not all Disney princesses are waif-like, subservient, clean freaks. Some understand the greater good, think of others before themselves and kick butt on occasion.

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Dania Beach Ocean Park – Fort Lauderdale

Anyone who visits Florida knows the beaches can be expensive to access. Some spots, especially near Clearwater, can charge up to $40 per day. On a recent trip to Fort Lauderdale we visited Dania Beach. This beach is located on the south side of the Fort Lauderdale channel and is only $6 but as they say in the commercials… “But wait! There’s more.”

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