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Defending The Real Up House

EDITORS NOTE 3/31/17: Since this post was published, PopSugar has removed their article about the Real Up House.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by The Real Up House. All opinions are our own.

It’s not often we do an opinion piece here on the MouseQuest but after reading the hatchet job PopSugar recently published regarding the replica of the Up House (which I will not link to so as to not get them more views), I felt the need to respond.

The Real Up HouseBy way of background, the replica Up House is located in Herriman, Utah, a cozy little suburb of Salt Lake City. It is owned by the most wonderful family who I have known for several years. They cherish the home and honor the fact that it means so much to so many. For some it is a symbol of everlasting love. For others it is brick and mortar proof that adventure is out there. Many are simply drawn to the home for its whimsical flair.

The family living there are a carefree, artistic and beautiful family who treasure this home and allow others to treasure it as well by offering photo sessions and engagements to take place on their property. They painstakingly maintain the home in its original condition and make every effort to accommodate those who would like to visit.

The Real Up HouseThe PopSugar article claims the family is unfriendly because they have a “No Trespass” sign. Since when did having a no trespass sign make someone unfriendly? It is private property! The family living there has small children. How would you feel if people were peeking their head in your windows at all hours? Imagine having dinner and someone comes traipsing through your backyard. (Yes, that has happened to them!) The sign protects their rights as property owners. However, knowing the home does attract fans of the movie and Disney in general, they graciously take requests by appointment only.

In this era of ‘fake news’ (not that PopSugar is a news by any stretch of the imagination), let’s at least get a few facts before spouting off. A simply look at their website does indeed show that they do allow visitors but let’s be clear about one thing… THEY DO NOT HAVE TO ALLOW ANYONE ON THEIR PROPERTY AT ALL. But they do!! And they enjoy it. They truly honor the legacy of the home and its underlying meaning.

For more information about the Real Up House visit their website:

**All photos are courtesy of The Real Up House.**

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The Real Up House

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