Disney Cruise Fish Extender

Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender Gift Idea

Several weeks ago I posted the instructions for making your own Fish Extender Holder. However, that’s only half the fun. Deciding on (and assembling) a Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender gift is the rest of the fun.

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Disney Cruise Fish Extender GiftFor our Fish Extender gift we decided to do a make-your-own sundae kit. Since Disney Cruise Line offers free ice cream, with a large group like ours, 43 participants, we thought this would be easy for us to transport and even easier for the recipients to use and not have to transport back home.

Disney Cruise Fish Extender GiftTo assemble the first part of our Fish extender we bought a package of 50 Red Solo cups and placed labels (Avery Label #5163) we made onto each of the cups. Once onboard we filled them with the following:

      • pre-packaged mini-marshmallows
      • M&Ms
      • Chocolate spoons

Disney Cruise Fish ExtenderDisney Cruise Fish Extender

Make sure anything you add to your kit is pre-packaged (ie. still in its manufacturer packaging). This is a Disney Cruise Line rule. We bought our candy in October before our November cruise to get “fun-sized” which are typically offered during Halloween.

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gift** On an up note: we had 14 extra fun-sized M & M package to sustain us while assembling.

I honestly thought since this was such a simple idea we would get many sundae kits but surprisingly we didn’t get any. If we use this idea again, I will take some extras so we can partake in the Sundae fun.

Here are some of the other great ideas for Fish Extender gifts which are easy to make, easy to transport and frugal:

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gifts

So how do you become a part of the Fish Extender group? The first step to become part of a Fish Extender Exchange is to sign up. For most cruises there is a Facebook page and a DisBoards page. Likely, both of these locations will have a sign up. You only need to sign up in one location. However, you are more than welcome to be a part of multiple groups. In most exchanges you will also be asked questions like age and gender of the participants in your cabin, favorite Disney character or movie, if you have any celebrations planned while on board, shirt size and the approximate location of your stateroom.

Once sign-ups are complete the organizer will break all the cabins down into smaller, more manageable groups. This is good news because I don’t think anyone wants to buy gifts for potentially 100s of passengers. For example, the Fish Extender Exchange I participated in had 36 cabins participating. Once it was split up we were put into a group of 13 cabins with a total of 43 cruisers.

Good luck as you journey to find the best gift for you and your family!

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Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender Gift

Disney Cruise Fish Extender

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