Snow White Facts

15 Surprising Facts About Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

To celebrate this week’s 79th anniversary of the premiere at the famed Carthay Circle Theatre on December 21, 1937 we have found 15 surprising facts about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

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  • More than 2,000,000 sketches were created for the movie. However, only 250,000 of those sketches were used.
  • The actress who voiced the Evil Queen and the old hag (Lucille LeVerne) removed her false teeth to when reading the lines for the old hag.
  • Walt Disney was 15-years-old when the idea of telling the story of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs struck him.
  • Walt Disney had to mortgage his home to cover the $1,250,000 cost overrun on the movie.
  • While the writers were conceiving the characters of the dwarfs they rejected over 50 ideas. These ideas included: Scrappy, Cranky, Busy, Jaunty, Blabby, Dirty, Gabby, Biggy-Wiggy, Gaspy, Gloomy, Awful, Deefy, Hoopy-Jumpy, Hotsy, Nifty, Shifty, Baldy, Hickey, Sniffy, Stuffy, Shorty, Burpy, Dizzy, Scrappy, Weepy, Crabby, Daffy, Dumpy, Flabby, Wheezy and more.
  • The actress who voiced Snow White, Adriana Caselotti (see pic), strikes a remarkable resemblance to Snow White.
  • Songwriters Frank Churchill and Larry Morey composed 25 songs for the movie yet only seven were used. These songs can now be heard on the Snow White soundtrack.
  • The Huntsman wasn’t the only person inammerate of Snow White’s charms. Hitler was said to be a huge fan and as an aspiring artist himself, allegedly drew sketches of the dwarfs.
  • Speaking of dwarfs: dwarfs is NOT misspelled. In the 1930’s it was the generally accepted plural of dwarf.
  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs was the highest grossing film of all time… for one year. In 1939, Gone With the Wind took the top spot. However, Snow White is still in the Top 10 when adjusted for inflation.
  • Snow White is one of the few fictional characters to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located at 6910 Hollywood Blvd. across the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
  • The Prince was supposed to be more prominently featured but the animators had difficulty animating him so his part was significantly reduced. He now only appears in approximately two minutes of the film.
  • There was a scene planned of the dwarfs making Snow White a bed with the help of the woodland creatures. However, it was never fully animated.
  • Snow White was the first animated feature film to be selected for the National Film Registry.
  • In a shout out to Disney’s next animated feature Pinocchio, the dwarfs would exclaim, “Jiminy Cricket”, any time they were excited.

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Snow White Facts


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  1. I think those facts are inspiring. Walt Disney believed in himself enough to mortgage his house! Several of these facts were about unfinished or imperfect pieces of the project, but it was still a success. Very cool!

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