Episode 53: DCL Spotlight – Disney Fantasy

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 53. This week on the show we will be doing our first episode in the Disney Cruise Line Spotlight series. These shows will allow us to focus on one ship at a time in the amazing fleet that DCL has to offer. Once we are finished with each of the four ships we will then expand the series with what an actual Disney cruise is like, good times to sail and the different destinations around the world. For our very first cruise line spotlight we will be discussing the newest ship to sail the high seas with Mickey- The Disney Fantasy.

For a little background information on the Fantasy, the Disney Cruise Line website points out that the design of this ship inspired by Art-Nouveau and reflects the glamour and elegance of the grand ocean liners of the 1920’s and 30’s. This is especially noticeable in the beautiful 3-deck atrium lobby, which showcases a sweeping staircase, magnificent stained glass and crystal chandelier, a grand piano and even a bronze statue of Mademoiselle Minnie Mouse with her steamer trunk and vintage fashion. The 130,000-ton vessel boasts a total of 14 decks with over 1200 staterooms that can accommodate 4,000 guests. That is in addition to the crew of 1,450 cast members on-board as well. So, this is already an impressive ship without even getting into too many details. Questions this week include:

  • For a person who hasn’t cruised before all of the different categories can be confusing. Can you tell us what the different types of staterooms there are?
  • As parents, we know that Disney is a great place for kids. The cruise line really goes above and beyond in offering fun things for kids of all ages to do in their ships. What does the Fantasy offer for kids of different ages?
  • I personally know of some people who have not wanted to sail on a Disney cruise because they think it’s only for kids or families and that there really isn’t anything for adults to do on their own. I can say from personal experience that there are plenty of adults-only areas and activities and they are amazing. Can you tell us what the Fantasy has to offer adults?
  • One of the best things about a Disney Cruise is the food. What is the dining like on the Disney Fantasy?
  • What did you like best about sailing on the Fantasy?

Appearing this week are Amy Bechtol, Dawn Gosdin, Rich Grady, Marci Smith, and Liz Weimann.

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