Episode 51: One Year Anniversary Show

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 51. This week we will are celebrating a great milestone for us – the one-year anniversary of the show! We’ve answered lots of questions, discussed many different topics and today we’ll talk about our favorites and maybe some new and interesting ideas for the future. Questions this week include:

  • What have you learned since we first started podcasting?
  • What was your favorite topic, show or question that we covered?
  • What was your least favorite show we did? Was anything really difficult for you to answer or do research on?
  • Are there any topics you’d like to cover in the future or think need to be addressed?
  • Is there anything new you think could be done on the podcast?
  • Which do you think was the most popular episode?

Appearing this week are Amy Bechtol, Dawn Gosdin, Rich Grady, David Smith, and Marci Smith.

To submit a question for the show, please go to the MouseQuest Podcast website, or send an email to question@mqpodcast.com.