Episode 35: Disney Cruise Line

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 35. On this week’s show we will be answering questions all about Disney Cruise Line. What is it that really makes Disney stand out above all the rest? Join us this week as we discuss the highlights of experiencing the Disney Difference while at sea. Questions this week include:

  • What would you say makes Disney Cruise Line stand out above the others and worth the extra cost?
  • One of the most frequently asked questions about Disney Cruise Line is: What are the differences between the 4 ships – the Magic, the Wonder, the Dream and the Fantasy. Can you tell us about that?
  • Many people who have not sailed with Disney may think there is nothing for adults to do and it’s just a cruise for kids. We know that on any Disney vacation there are going to be a lot of things to do for all different age groups as well as spending time together as a family. Can you give us some examples of what DCL offers for each age group?
  • Something that is very important to all of us who go on any type of Disney vacation is the dining. Can you tell us about Disney’s rotational dining as well as other options onboard the ships?

Appearing this week are Dawn Gosdin, Rich Grady, Rhonda Hare, Amy Leto, and Marci Smith.

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