Episode 18: Traveling Solo to WDW

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 18. This week we will be answering questions about taking a solo trip to Walt Disney World. Many of us are used to traveling with friends or family but what happens when you have a chance to go to WDW by yourself? Should you do it? Well, of course you should! But, if you’ve never traveled there on your own you may have questions about what it will be like and we hope to answer some of those today. Questions this week include:

  • If someone is presented with the opportunity to visit WDW on their own, they may be a little nervous or not think they would have fun by themselves. What can someone do to feel more comfortable and still have fun?
  • For the person who may not be accustomed to traveling alone, is it safe to go solo to WDW?
  • Many people may be apprehensive about eating alone in a restaurant or feel like people would be staring at them. What alternatives are there for dining without it being so noticeable that you’re by yourself?
  • Are there any specific resorts you would recommend for solo travelers?
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages to going solo?
  • Which attractions are best for solo travelers?
  • What can a person do at Disney to still feel connected to friends and family at home?
  • If someone didn’t want to be alone during their entire trip, is there a good way to connect with other solo travelers?
  • Finally, what advice can you give someone who is thinking of going to WDW solo?

This week, we also answer the following listener question:

  • Lisa from Florida asks:
    How can we trade in our unused tickets for today?

Appearing this week are Dawn Gosdin, Rich Grady, Amy Leto, Denise Long, and Marci Smith.

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