Episode 13: Resort Series- All Star Movies, Caribbean Beach, and Wilderness Lodge

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 13. In this episode, we introduce our Resort Series of questions. In each show of the series we will look at 3 resorts on Disney property and discuss everything about them from dining and room types to special amenities and recreation. During this show we will be looking at All Star Movies, Caribbean Beach Resort and the Wilderness Lodge. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences with you and hope that the information we share will help make your next trip even better. Questions this week include:

  • Beginning with All Star Movies, which is one of Disney’s value resorts, what can you tell us about available room types, dining and the overall theme?
  • What kind of recreation and amenities are offered at All Star Movies? Where is All Star Movies located in relation to the parks?
  • Looking at Caribbean Beach, one of Disney’s Moderate Resorts, how are the rooms there different from a value like All Star Movies?
  • What is the layout at Caribbean Beach like and how does that affect resort transportation? What kind of recreation is available at CBR?
  • In most cases moderate resorts offer a sit-down restaurant in addition to a quick service location. What does CBR offer as far as dining?
  • Wilderness Lodge is one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts located on Bay Lake and is also home to some DVC rooms. Can you tell us about the room types available?
  • The Wilderness Lodge offers some very unique dining. What dining locations are available at the resort?
  • Since the Wilderness Lodge is situated on Bay Lake, it offers some great opportunities for different types of recreation. Can you tell us what recreation is available for guests at Wilderness Lodge?
  • Since WL is home to the Disney Vacation Club as well as regular guest rooms, what shopping is available for guests besides a typical souvenir shop that the resorts have?

Appearing this week are Rich Grady, Kate Melody, David Smith, and Marci Smith.

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