Episode 6: When to Go

When to Visit Walt Disney WorldWelcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 6. In this episode, we discuss when to visit the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. Throughout the year the crowds fluctuate as different events take place and we hope to share some of that information with you. Questions this week include:

    • There are many factors that come into consideration when planning when to visit the Walt Disney World or Disneyland parks. One of those factors is the weather. What are the best months of the year to visit WDW and Disneyland just in terms of having the best possible weather?
    • A major factor that guests consider when making plans to visit are the crowds. Thinking just about Walt Disney World, which months are the least crowded to visit?
    • Just looking at the crowds for DLR, when would be the best time to visit SoCal?

  • Although most people would prefer to visit during the least crowded months of the year, many aren’t able to get off work or take their kids out of school for vacation. So, assuming that someone would have to go during the summer or a scheduled break during the school year, what are their best options?
  • If a couple without kids were planning a trip to Walt Disney World, when during the year could they go and experience some special events that adults would enjoy?
  • Something else that everyone thinks about when planning a trip is the cost. What time of year is the least expensive to visit WDW? How about Disneyland?
  • What advice would you give to a non local family planning their first trip to Dianeyland about when to go?
  • As a parent, are there any specific events during the year that that appeal to the entire family?

Appearing this week are Marge Gerwels, Dawn Gosdin, David Smith, and Marci Smith.

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