Episode 3: World of Disney Team Sports

Welcome to the MouseQuest Podcast- Your guide in the quest for the perfect Disney vacation. This is episode number 3. In this episode, we answer questions about Disney Team Sports and events at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. Questions this week include:

    • How would you get your child involved in a Team Sporting event at Walt Disney World? Where do you start?
    • Question about visiting the parks while visiting WDW for a Team Sports event.
    • How does Disney Transportation to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Work?
    • What dining options are available at Wide World of Sports?
    • What kind of sporting events are scheduled at ESPN Wide World of Sports?

  • When sporting events take place at WDW, thousands of people come to participate or support their athlete so it does have an impact on crowds at the parks and resorts. When do these events usually take place during the year?
  • When planning where to stay and dine during a Disney Team Sports event, what resorts and restaurant locations would be best to consider for large groups?
  • Do Cheerleaders and Dance Teams ever perform elsewhere on Disney property?

Appearing this week are Rich Grady, Dawn Gosdin, Amy Leto, Sue Nowicki, and Marci Smith.

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